Range of Our Security Services

  1. Survey of the site from security and sabotage angle
  2. Industrial security
  3. Gas/crude oil pipeline surveillance and static
  4. security
  5. Armed Guards
  6. Commercial market & Show-room security
  7. Bank security
    High-rise apartments & bungalow security
  8. Hotel security
  9. Diamond unit security
  10. Warehouses security
  11. Event security
  12. Hospital security
  13. Secret Enquiries and
  14. verification
    Fire Staff

Aids to Industrial Security

  1. Close circuit TV.
  2. Intruder alarm system.
  3. Burglar alarm
  4. Metal detector
  5. Proximity alarm
  6. Electronic card reader
  7. Smoke and fire detector
  8. Night vision camera/ binoculars

Salient Features of our security arrangements :

Physical Security

  1. Security of the boundary, gates and vital installations like electricity supply, boilers, gas supply
  2. etc.
  3. Safety of all stores and warehouses round the clock.
  4. Strict check on all incoming and out going material, proper entries thereof.
  5. Check on all vehicles and movement of drivers and cleaners and supervision of parking lots.
  6. Segregation of admin block and safety of communication facility.
  7. Ensure proper lighting arrangements at vital points.
    Mobile patrolling and surprise checks by our supervisory/ management staff.

Document Security

  1. Proper check on employees and visitors to prevent thefts and industrial espionage, mischief and violence.
  2. Check on proper locking of all containers, admirahs and rooms housing computers and important records
    after office hour.
  3. Verification of antecedents of suspected personnel and contractors as per instructions of the
  4. management.
  5. Custody of keys/duplicate keys with proper records.
    Supervision of shredding and burning of documents whenever called for.

Personnel Security

  1. Firm and polite control on entry and exit of all employees and visitors including frisking and search
  2. (Optional).
    Watchful eye on the activities of the employees while on duty with a view to preventing harmful damage,
  3. pilferage, unlawful activities and to maintain peace and harmony on the premises.
  4. Checking of identity cards for employees, tokens for the contract labour, supervision of punching system.
  5. Watch on development of labour unrest, strikes and other labour activities.
  6. Insulation of undesirable elements where security vetting is not done.
    Check on house keeping and sanitary staff.

Intelligence Setup

Every important site should have an effective and motivated intelligence unit to prevent the agents of the competitors who may try to:

  1. Upset consumer confidence and
  2. goodwill
  3. Upset economy and growth rate
  4. Cause social disharmony and unrest
    Cause quality degradation

It is necessary to have an effective system to neutralize the disruptive forces, educate the employees on security consciousness and train them on security and safely methods.

Maintenance of Records

  1. Standing orders
  2. Duty register and charge register
  3. Names and addresses of management and other important
  4. staff.
  5. Telephone Nos. of concerned govt. and civic authorities
  6. Incoming and outgoing material register as per challan
  7. Visitors register
  8. Vehicles register for the company and visitors
  9. Occurrence book
  10. Contract labour record
  11. Issue of store items for internal use
  12. Record of keys/duplicate keys
  13. History sheets of fire fighting equipment
    Other records as per specific requirements