About Us

Security is no longer confined to watch and ward duties but is an integral part of overall management of men and material. With the rapid growth of commerce and industry and increasing security awareness, the demand for professional security service in both the public and private sector is increasing every day. As the establishment grows, security system should also grow with constant revision and updating of the techniques in the system. An effective security system not only physically guards properties against thefts or destruction but also instills a sense of personal security in the minds of the management and the employees.

We in Guard well Security Services (P) Ltd. believe in providing sustained support for the security and growth of the economy. The customer's needs are changing with increasing threat perception and complexities of crimes and it is our endeavor to achieve a proper mix of men and equipment for a cost effective and efficient security system.

images MJF Lion D.K. Bhatt Chairman & MD


  • We are:
  • 1. Company with an experienced Board of Directors drawn from Civil and Defense backgrounds highly competent in providing Security & Housekeeping services to all types of units (Institutes/Offices/Stores/Industry etc).
  • 2. Company which strictly abides by Minimum Wages Act, Labour Laws, EPF rules, ESIC rules, Service Tax rules, Income Tax rules etc.
  • 3. We are fully equipped with all the requisite licenses and permits as per Central and State government regulations as
  • under:
  • Registration No. 04-24593 under companies act .1956
  • Central Labour License No.BRC/ALC/46/163/97
  • P.F.Code No. GJ/SRT/30276/APP/405 & UA-32786
  • ESIC Registration Code No. 39-00-020388-000-1018
  • ESIC Code No. 37/20388/90 NP & 37-20388/90/61(DN)-Dehradun
  • Workmen Compensation Policy No. 41221200/2845/through
  • insurance
  • Service Tax Registration No. AAACG8790JST001
  • TAN.No.SRTG 00709C
  • Income Tax PAN No: AAACG 8790 J
  • Professional Tax No: PR2228000028
  • Licence No. 0908337/SURAT issued by The Inspector General Of Police